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The High Point Regional Association of REALTORS Incorporated, was organized in 1923, consisting of ten members with Stephen C. "Steve" Clark as its first president. In Mr. Clark's memory the High Point Regional Association of REALTORS Inc., placed a real estate shelf in the High Point Public Library in 1957.

High Point REALTORS® have been active in all levels of the State and National Associations. In 1941 Ed Mendenhall served as Vice President of the National Association of REALTORS® and Henry V. Koonts served as a Regional Vice President of the National Association of REALTORS Mr. Ed Mendenhall served with distinction as President of the National Institute of Real Estate Brokers now known as the REAL- TORS® National Marketing Institute of the National Association of REALTORS® in 1949. The real high mark came in 1964 when "Mr. Ed" was elected President of the National Association of Real Estate Boards, now known as the National Association of REALTORS the only North Carolinian to serve in that capacity. High Point REALTORS® who have served as Directors of the National Association include Ed Mendenhall, Henry Koonts, J. Alton Stanford, J. Harold Craven and Bob Fowler.

In 1990 the High Point Board of REALTORS Inc., changed its name to the High Point Regional Associa- lion of REALTORS Inc. This Association has been one of the most active associations in No1th Carolina. The followin&\ High Point REALTORS® have served as President of the Nmth Carolina Association of REALTORS : Ed Mendenhall - 1938, Henry V. Koonts - 1946, J. Alton Stanford - 1960, J. Harold Craven

- 1980, Robe1t L. Fowler - 1997, Amy Hedgecock- 2018. Regional Vice Presidents for NCAR include: Bill Hylton - 1965, Odell Johnson - 1970-71, Sandy Mendenhall 1972-73, J. Harold Craven - 1976-77, R. Wayne Mabe- 1982-83, Bob Fowler 1989-90, M. L. Koebberling 1995-1996, Rebecca Hedgecock 1997- 1998 and J. Dwight Steed, Jr. 1999-2001, Laurie Edwards 2018-2019. E. Bow Stafford was appointed as the first Chaplain ofNCAR in 1980. Mike Quinto was elected Treasurer for 1989, 1990 and 1991. Bob Fowler was elected Treasurer in 1992, re-elected in 1994 for a two-year term. Gloria Adams was elected as President-Elect of the No1th Carolina Education Foundation for 1991 and served as President in 1993. M.

L. Koebberling was a dean of the REALTORS® Institute in 1992; in 1992 she was appointed to a three-year term as a RPAC Trustee for Region 5. She became the Regional Vice President for Region 5 for 1995- 1996. Dianne Brigman was appointed to a three-year term at RPAC Trustee for Region 5 in 1995 and an- other three-year term in 1998. In 1993 M. L. was elected as Region 5 director ofNCREEF and Gloria elected as an At-Large director. In 1999 Sandra Lanford was elected for a three-year term as Region 5 di- rector ofNCREEF and in 2000 M.L. Koebberling was elected for a three-year term as an NCREEF director At-Large. M.L. Koebberling served as President-Elect ofNCREEF in 2003 and President in 2004. Because of their outstanding contributions to NCAR J. Harold Craven was elected as a Life Member in 1992 and Dot Elliott and Bob Fowler in 2000.

Education and professionalism have always been hallmarks of High Point REALTORS High Point REAL- TORS® played a major role in the establishment of the REALTORS® Institute at the University of North Carolina. Henry V. Koonts served as the Institute's first Dean; Ed Mendenhall served as President. J. Alton Stanford served as both Dean and President. Gloria Adams was elected Dean in 1989. Many other High Point REALTORS® have served as instructors for the Institute. The Glenn Tucker Cup for the most out- standing graduate of the REALTORS® Institute has been received by J. Harold Craven - 1958, Harold P. Johnson- 1961, and Sandy Mendenhall in 1962. The Joe Schweidler Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Rebecca Hedgecock in 1988 by the REALTORS® Institute for having the highest grade in Course B.

In 1950 NCAR selected it's first REALTOR® of the Year. A silver cup was presented by the Clendenin family to honor the memory of Mr. Clendenin and is given to the state REALTOR® of the Year. The High Point Board has had seven recipients of this high award: Henry Koonts - 1951, Ed Mendenhall - 1953, J. Al- ton Stanford-1958, J. Harold Craven - 1983,  Robert L. Fowler - 2009 and Amy Hedgecock - 2023. Four High Point REALTORS® have received the NCAR Hall of Fame award: J. Harold Craven - 1996, Stephen Clark - 1997 , M.L. Koeb- berling - 2005, Robert L. Fowler - 2008 and Amy Hedgecock - 2023.

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