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Leadership Academy

REALTORS Becoming Leaders

n 2013, six (6) area REALTOR Associations laid the foundation for a regional leadership academy called the Central Carolina Regional Leadership Academy to help emerging REALTORS gain real estate industry and regional knowledge that would prepare and equip them to fill volunteer leadership positions in their local Association, perhaps NCAR and in their community as well, thereby enhancing the REALTOR Brand.

This is a seven-session program that encompasses a year.  There is a nomination process and Association Presidents are encouraged to nominate up to two (2) of their members annually for this program.  The curriculum includes:

•  Team building
•  Effective communication skills and public speaking
•  Challenges of leadership – the difference between leading and managing
•  Getting things accomplished through other volunteers
•  Age, ethnic and gender diversity and different personality types
•  Technology trends…working smarter, not harder
•  Making REALTOR associations outstanding advocates
•  Leadership Program Advisory Board challenge
•  Graduation luncheon

How to Apply

Association Presidents are encouraged to nominate their best and brightest members.  All nomination forms are available below for the following year’s class.  You can also call 336-889-8181 to request forms.  Nomination forms are due before the end of the calendar year or by a date set by the CCRLA Advisory Board.

Nominees Criteria

A nominee must be a REALTOR who:
•  Demonstrates leadership attributes including, but not limited to, people skills, organization ability, courage,
decisiveness, big-picture thinking, creativity, community involvement, and personal integrity
•  Board of Directors’ experience at the association not required
•  Has a letter of recommendation from Association’s Board of Directors
•  Has signed the CCRLA Attendance Policy and Payment Policy (both found below), and
•  Has completed the CCRLA Nomination Form (found below)

CCRLA Advisory Board and Selection Process

The CCRLA Advisory Board consists of leadership of each participating association.  The Board reviews all nominations and invites up to two (2) REALTORS per association to join that year’s class.  The Advisory Board meets before the end of the year to select participants for next year’s program.  If a REALTOR is not invited to join, they can reapply the following year.

Cost to Participate

Tuition for the program is $300, which covers the participant’s portion of all programs, meals and miscellaneous expenses.  Tuition can be paid 100 percent by the nominee, or the Association, or they can split the cost.  Payment is due prior to the first session. (payment policy found below)

Skills Participants Gain

The CCRLA provides training in the following areas:
•  Improving public-speaking skills
•  Discovering and understanding individual leadership strengths
•  Building confidence and developing teamwork skills
•  Developing decision-making abilities
•  Strengthening organizational and communication skills

The program provides outstanding networking opportunities – participants get to know other class members, interact with leaders within the state’s real estate circles, and meet key regional leaders and decision-makers.

About the Classes

Classes meet for one day each month in seven (7) monthly sessions (schedule found below).  Out-of-class time might be necessary for participants to complete the Advisory Board’s Group Projects assigned in April and due in November.  At least one (1) class is held at each participating association.  Students will also be required to attend NCAR’s Vision Quest and Legislative Day programs, and the Team Building exercise.

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